Corporate Social Responsiblity – Making a Difference

a2bairportparking.com supports Business Against Poverty      a2bairportparking.com supports Business Against Poverty      a2bairportparking.com supports Business Against Poverty     a2bairportparking.com supports Business Against Poverty


A2Bairportparking is delighted to support Business against Poverty, the business arm of registered charity, People against Poverty which works to relieve poverty in Haiti, Romania and Nepal.


Business against Poverty (BaP) focuses on building communities through projects that include: child sponsorship, feed a child programmes, a legal project to help those “off grid” secure their papers, building houses for families and Dobrovat House, a recently completed sanctuary where the families can enjoy respite from the terrible conditions in which they live and participate in educational programmes to help integrate them back into society.  Approximately 240 children are currently in the sponsorship programme which provides them with the basics in life, food, clothing and access to education. BaP has ambitious growth plans both in terms of the size and nature of its projects in the future.


Business against Poverty is a UK business community that supports the charity’s work through membership, sponsorship and bespoke project programmes, and in return delivers profile and networking opportunities for company members.


People against Poverty Chief Executive, Valerie Huxley said: “BaP’s philosophy has always been that we are about a handshake, not a handout. For us, the best campaigns are those that not only benefit our charity but generate commercial returns for our supporters as well.


For further details about Business against Poverty visit the website or email info@businessagainstpoverty.com.


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Types of Airport Parking

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